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Robert Kingett Motivational Speaker

I am Robert. I am persistent, passionate and persuasive

I am Persistent. I have the gut and will to say "oh yeah?" I have the drive to say, "I can do this!" even when I am wounded, beaten, stripped of all hope and focus. Persistent is fight. I have a goal in me to never give up. Not only am I persistent enough to keep pushing on, but I can also look into and look at the future. I am like a plant pushing up through cracks in sidewalks in the city
I am Passionate. I am able to smile and thank the people around me for the good that comes out of any bad situation. Being able to lend a hand to my enemies, and having the heart to say "even though my past wasn't good, that doesn't mean I'm bad too." Is what keeps me going along with my persistence.
I am Persuasive. I am so persuasive that if you do not believe in a happily ever after for yourself right now you will by the time I am done.

Robert Kingett was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and blindness. Growing up, he has overcome abandonment, neglect, and child abuse. However, Robert never let his physical challenges or home environment stop him from pursuing his dreams. He has always been able to tap into an internal strength that empowers him to want to show the world what he is made of. He is here today to share his story and his knowing of the inner strength we have inside each of us. Join me in welcoming Robert Kingett.

Hello, I am persistent, passionate, and persuasive. I'll touch you with stories of my persistence.  You'll be moved by how passionate I am about sharing my story to serve others. You'll be inspired by my belief in happy endings and I'm so persuasive that by the end of my talk you believe in happy endings too.

Let us just say my life has been like a roller coaster ride. My early childhood was as if I was someone in a cart headed up the first steep incline of the ride, I had no idea what was going to come after I was too busy enjoying the view, so to speak. Although I had been born premature, with Cerebral Palsy and Blindness, I was blessed to have been taken home by my loving grandparents. My early memories are of being spoiled by them. I remember bringing a friend over to my house to play pinball with me. Not a video game, a retro, big arcade style pinball machine that you had to put quarters in. How cool is that? They were not perfect people by any stretch of the imagination, they drank to the point of being alcoholic, but they loved me, and cared for me. Then when I was seven, it is as if the 'coaster' got to the top of the first drop and began the plummet. My grandmother had a stroke. She survived, but her left side was paralyzed and my grandfather put her into a nursing home so she could receive good care. I continued with my grandfather for the next three years.
Then when I was 10, the bottom dropped out of my 'cart.' I plummeted quickly and I found myself holding on for dear life. Through my early teen years, there was quite a lot of momentum and I felt out of control but I did what I could,  which was basically holding on keeping myself from getting thrown out of the cart where I might land in the bushes or on the track. When I was around 16 I had got a little used to the ride and realized even though things are crazy now, I knew that everything would work out for me. By 17 ½ I found myself showing off 'look no hands!' and finding moments of joy along mixed in with the moments of terror. Now that my proverbial cart has come back to the station, and I accomplished not only surviving the ride but also accomplishing my goal of graduating high school against all odds, I find myself feeling empowered and eager for the next ride of my life. I want that for you too.


It all comes down to focus. On my graduation day, I could have allowed myself to focus on what my peers were saying. How they were giving me a hard time for graduating at the bottom of our class. Instead, I was proud of having taken honors classes. There were no family present or parties but I focused on the future and the bus tickets that were going to take me to the center 90 miles from here and how my life was getting a fresh start and that all things are truly possible.

Brighter today, Brighter tomorrow

I think about the definition of success. I have achieved success, and I can help others do the exact same thing! I can help others be someone more than they think they can. After all, "if I can do this, you can do anything!"

I was not afraid of being hurt, or bad weather, or being homeless. What I was afraid of was not attaining my goals.

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